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The very first problem to be clear about when I discuss AV receiver listening modes is the difference in between audio encoding and decoding. When you get this straight the subject ends up being much clearer. Audio encoding is the method that keeps the audio on a DVD or Blu-ray disc. For Blu-ray discs, there are seven supported codecs: LPCMDolby DigitalDTSDolby Digital PlusDTS-HD High Resolution AudioDolby TrueHDDTS-HD Master Audio With the new Ultra HD Blu-ray specification, there have been two brand-new optional audio codecs included: You won’t find all these formats on every Blu-ray disc.

The crucial thing to comprehend is that these are the encoded formats. Something requires to decode this audio before you can hear it. Extremely merely, audio decoding is the process of reading the digital information and turning it into audio that you can hear. If your hardware doesn’t support the decoding of a particular audio format, then you will not be able to play that variation of the soundtrack.

So, you will never remain in a circumstance where you can not hear the noise from a disc that you buy. I think you’ll concur, this is a great thing!For more comprehensive details on all these codecs, go to the post on comprehending Blu-ray audio codecs. Most of the times, the deciphering process is normally done by the AV receiver.

The specs of the AV receiver will include details of the AV audio decoders that it has. This will permit you to know which Blu-ray soundtracks it will directly support. To decode the audio on your AV receiver, you need to set the audio output of the DVD or Blu-ray gamer to ‘bitstream’. This implies that it sends the encoded data to the AV receiver for it to decode.

The front panel display ought to reveal ‘DTS 5.1’ (or comparable) when it discovers the incoming signal. Likewise, if a receiver has actually onboard translating for Dolby TrueHD audio, then it will have the ability to get this signal type straight from a Blu-ray player. It will decode it and after that send out the audio to the speakers.